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Politics of the Tory Brexiteers Politics Theory Other

Racism and the Global War on Drugs
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Cocaine for the Masses, Not Just for the Ruling Class Novara Media Link

The End of Drug Prohibition? Novara Media

events and conferences

Focus on the Funk: Journeys…
A historical, visual, philosophical, musical and poetic journey through mondialisation and its forms of de-specification and institutional establishment. Birkbeck School of Law (20-21 May 2016)

Focus on Funk: Coup d’funk
How has the warning of 2016 been received? How is law implicated in the violence of the coup? Birkbeck School of Law (20-22 May 2017)

Resisting the (internal) Border: a Conference for Academics, Activists and Advocates
How borders are extended spatially and temporally from the geo-political borders of the nation-state to the spaces and times of everyday life and, crucially, how activists resist these processes and articulate an alternative vision of citizenship. Birkbeck School of Law (17 June 2017)

Theorising the Drug War
Conference bringing together activists and researchers specialised in the area of drug policy, critical theory, and human rights. University of Essex. (29-30 June 2017)

Global ’68: Solidarity in Alliance and Global History
Movements and major shifts in politico-cultural sensibilities around the world that made 1968 such an extraordinary year. Collège d’études mondiales, the University of Pittsburgh, Birkbeck, University of London, and the University of Nanterre. (2-6 May 2018)

‘The War on Drugs and the Global Colour Line’ with Kojo Koram and Ash Sarkar
Pluto Press 50th Anniversary event. (5 June 2019)

Film Screening and Q&A—The Grass is Greener
How Racism and Inequality Are Influencing the Rise of Legalized Cannabis in the United States. Open Society Foundations. (15 January 2020)

Revisions International Law Series: “International Drug Laws and the Global Colour Line”
Glasgow Centre for International Law and Security. (15 January 2020)